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Welcome to HagTrick's Website

Hello , I am Yoann / Mesmerize on MTGO / HagTrick on Twitch

If you like what I do and want to donate to help me keep this stream up, you can do it in a more entertaining way by challenging me to a constructed duel or to a specific way of drafting.

Constructed challenges: you pick a format in which I own a deck, set up a wager (minimum 5$), play against me and only donate if I can beat you.

Draft challenges: you choose from a large list that are classed by difficulty in several tiers, and the amount of money you will donate if I complete the challenge will depend on the tier. (only for Theros atm)

Some rules

  • Only challenge me when it's challenge time!
  • Any viewer can challenge me
  • Non-regular viewers have to donate beforehand on MTGO and be paid back in case of a failure
  • I am not forced to go for the current challenges
  • I can complete more than 1 challenge during the same draft
  • If you have any other question just use Twitch chat I'll gladly answer you

You can donate both via paypal or on MTGO (1 event ticket = 1$)

Donate for a Challenge via Paypal

For those who are interested in getting notifications about my live tournaments, or anything I might say,
follow or add me on Facebook / Twitter